Facebook account deactivation.


As of today, I am “Facebook-free” for 36 days. I am happy about it. I sometimes feel like going back though. I want to get updated with what is happening with my friends. However, that is also one of the reasons why I decided to stop using the said SNS. I get all bitter seeing my friends travel to places I also dreamed of going. Before, using the site was a joy for me but lately, it started to create emotional distress.

I began hating my friends who have been to South Korea. In my head, I feel they don’t deserve going there because they will never know how to appreciate culture. Also, I have a hipster-monster living in me that says I should go there first before all the people I am acquainted with.

Secondly, the posts I see are usually done by people that show how uneducated they can really be. Sharing opinions that were not well thought of. Blurting out statements that are whether racist, insensitive or just plain stupid. I, for one, am guilty of such remarks however, I make sure it is funny. That’s why I do not get as much likes as I expect because they are too intelligent and sadly, the friends I have in Facebook are not really my “target audience”. I know many people will think that I am so proud of myself but I am not. I am merely stating my observation.

Lastly, I cannot pretend anymore. I hate putting a Facebook mask. I am not a happy person really. I do get angry and I hate the world. Just kidding! No, I am not an emotional teenager who cuts himself every time. It’s just that I hate ranting about issues and events, at the same time, I want to do it. I feel it’s not me. In my opinion, Facebook is not the appropriate venue for such things.

I plan to activate it soon. However, I have to remove people I never have personal interaction with. So, according to my estimation, I will only have 100-150 friends by the time I finish eliminating them.


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